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Piercing FAQs

Planning and Preparation Questions

How Should I Prepare for My Piercing Session?

Make sure you are well rested, well hydrated, and have eaten recently. Aside from that, take a shower, charge your phone or tablet up to full, and don’t bring in your 50 closest friends (1-2 are fine).

What Should I Wear for My Piercing Session?

It’s more important to be comfortable than to be fashionable. Looser is better than tighter, and keep in mind you want to be able to cover up certain places that might show depending on where you are getting your piercing.

What Are Some Things I May Not Think of Before I Come in?

• Take a shower
• Don’t bring your kids. No really, don’t bring them.
• Bring all of the necessary documentation
• Good work costs money - so bring it!
• Eat before you come in!
• If you’re diabetic plan for a crash (and prepare yourself!)

When Should I Not Get Pierced?

You should not get pierced when you are:
• Drunk
• High
• Pregnant
• Pre-Surgery
• Post-Surgery
• When you don’t know what you want
• When you can’t afford it
• When you’re sunburned
• When you haven’t showered
• When you have your kids with you
• If you don’t have an ID
• Being pressured into it

Will it Hurt?

What is the Pain Level for a Piercing?

If tattoos are a 3/10 on a pain scale, piercings are probably 7-9/10. Piercings are far more painful than tattoos - but only for a very short period of time. This is why people pass out WAY more often with piercings than with tattoos.


Caring for a Piercing

How Long Does it Take to Heal After a Tattoo/Piercing?

Plan on a 4-6 weeks for your skin to be back to its previous state.

Pricing Questions

Pricing on piercings is pretty simple.

  • Earlobes are $25 for the pair

  • All other non-exotic piercings (nose, cartilage, navel, nipples, lips, etc) are $30 per hole

  • If you get more than one piercing we will take off $5 per hole (so nipples are $50/pair, industrial piercings are $50, etc)

Should I Tip?

You should ALWAYS tip those who provide services for you. Whether it’s your barber/hairstylist, waiter, or the kids with a lemonade stand down the street, if they provide you a service you should tip them. This includes your tattoo artist or piercer.

Why Don’t You Run Many Specials?

We LOVE to give stuff away. It makes us feel good. In our first year we gave away 10% of our gross income to our community. We charge what we do because we are creating unique art that will last your entire life.

Policy Questions

What Are the Age Requirement for Getting Pierced or Tattooed?

Wabash County Health Department determines the ages we are able to work on. For tattoos, we can tattoo minors age 16+ with a parent present and the proper identification (birth certificate with both names as well as photo IDs for child and parent - these are required for anything we do on a minor). For piercings, we can only do earlobes for those under age 14 and my piercer will stop and not do the piercing if the child says no. Starting at age 14 we can pierce anything (besides nipples and genitals) with the above consent.

Should I Walk in or Book an Appointment?

We always encourage people to book an appointment.
What Happens if I’m Late to My Appointment?
Don’t be. Seriously, if you’re late to your appointment it will throw our schedule off for the day.

What Happens if I No-Show During My Appointment?

We’ve only ever had two people do this and it’s a terrible idea. If you no-show we will keep your deposit. That means your piercing, if you do get it, will cost you 150% of what it should have cost.