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About Our Shop

Our Origin Story

Filament set out from the start to be different

“We wanted to be a part of our community, not just a business in our community. So we took a name that reflected Wabash’s history of being the first electrically lit city in the world.”  

Matt hasn’t always been in the tattoo industry. While at the University of Kansas in 1996 Matt heard the Gospel for the first time and became a Christian. He knew he wanted to help people and seemingly the best track was to become a pastor. So for nearly 20 years Matt has been pastoring around the world from Los Angeles to New Zealand to Indiana.

In 2014 Matt decided it was time for a change and was looking to make a bigger impact in his community outside of the church. Having spent several years hanging around in tattoo shops, he decided it was time to open his own tattoo studio.

Filament Tattoo Company opened on April 4, 2014, less than one month after Matt and Roger sat down to figure out how to open the best tattoo shop between Indianapolis and Fort Wayne.

Proudly located in

Wabash, INdiana

Our Philosophy

We’ll help you
make good decisions
and cover-up bad ones