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Massages FAQs

Why should I choose Jessica as my massage therapist?

I am a Certified Massage Therapist professionally trained in one of the most renowned schools in the industry. I take a great deal of pride and satisfaction in doing this work and doing it well. I am an honest, straightforward, and competent therapist. I do not get into the hype or try to sell gimmicks that you'll find saturating this industry. I value each client as an individual and take the necessary time to identify your unique needs.


How should I prepare for my massage session?

You must shower beforehand. This is more for your benefit than our therapist. If your feet have an odor during the massage session, then everything else that is massaged will smell exactly like your feet. If you want your massage session to be effective, be well hydrated. Use the bathroom when you arrive.

What are some things clients should know before coming in?

  • Do not do your hair before coming in as it will get messy when our therapist works on your neck

  • Your makeup may also get messy when you turn over into the face rest.

  • Leave yourself plenty of time after your appointment to rinse in the shower if you do not like the feeling of lotion on your skin.

  • You will have to fill out a health questionnaire and an informed consent waiver when you come in. Allow yourself time to read it and fill it out.

  • In massage, there is good pain and there is the kind of pain that means there is more harm than good. Our techniques are not meant to be overly painful to be effective, so your communication on pressure (more or less) is of utmost importance at all times.

  • You should drink as much water as you can the first few days after a massage. If you are not optimally hydrated, you are more likely to be sore and/or have a headache as an after effect.

  • It is okay to talk during a massage. It is okay to not talk. If you don't want our therapist to babble, feel free to say stop.

  • Feedback is very important. Everyone is different, so please feel comfortable to provide what feels right.

  • Our therapist is a health and wellness professional. Your privacy is protected by law. All matters discussed during our session, and all medical information collected for my record, are confidential unless otherwise required by law.

  • Minors are required to have a parent or guardian present. Their responsible adult must sign consent for therapy. The adult will be required to wait in the seating next to the massage room for the duration of the massage.

When should I not have a massage?

  • If you are in an inflammatory phase of a new injury or other condition (fresh injuries, autoimmune or arthritis flare-ups, etc.)

  • Blood clots or an aneurysm

  • Rash, broken skin, wounds, or any contagious condition

  • Recent burn, surgery, fractures, or weakened bones

  • Unstable and/or severe high blood pressure

  • Bleeding disorders

Pregnant clients and clients with active cancer will be asked to sign an additional form and get their doctor's clearance before receiving a massage. Some prior surgeries may require a physician’s clearance depending on the nature, especially in the case of spinal surgeries.

Do I have to be naked for the massage?

When you come for your massage, you will be asked to undress to your comfort level. No matter what your comfort level is, you will always be draped modestly; only the part being worked on will be exposed. The less clothing our therapist has to move out of the way, the easier it is to give an effective massage, but no massage is effective if you feel uncomfortable)


Is Massage Therapy right for me?

Massage therapy is scientifically proven a safe and effective method of managing many health concerns. Every person, every body is different. If our therapist feels that massage therapy is not in your best interest, or that another bodywork professional would be better suited to your needs, they will tell you. However, massage therapy is indisputably effective for stress and depression, chronic back and muscle pain, high blood pressure, and many other concerns. The power of regular touch therapy is largely uncharted, and science is just beginning to catch up in understanding. What we do know is that it the long term effects of regular massage are profound, and almost everyone benefits on many levels from receiving it.

How soon will I see results? How often should I come back?

This is also different for every client. If you feel comfortable and safe, you will feel the effects immediately. The first effects of massage are lowered heart rate, slower breathing, and lowered blood pressure. This all translates into relaxation and stress relief.

If you seek massage to help manage a particular problem (an injury or source of pain) you will usually experience relief as soon as you stand up after your massage. This is not permanent. However, with every week, it will last longer and longer. You can expect it to take 4-6 weeks of weekly appointments for substantial, prolonged alleviation. Most clients will then start spacing their appointments further apart as long as the pain does not recur. You can stop making appointments when the pain does not return at all. It all depends on how quickly your body responds and heals itself.


Should I walk in or book an appointment?

Please book an appointment. There may be times when we can take a walk-in, but it's best to not risk the wait. Please call 260-274-0999.

What if I am late to my appointment?

You will still be expected to pay for the appointment we set aside for you. Your appointment will still end at the scheduled time. Prolonging a scheduled appointment would put the entire day behind and inconvenience any clients coming in after you.

What if I can't make it to my appointment?

Please call us as soon as possible and we will reschedule.